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We are Educational Apostolate of the Carmelite Sisters of St.Teresa. The Institute of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa (CSST) was found in 1887 by Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima (a resident of Chennai) in the town of Ernakulam,Kerala. Mother Teresa an educationalist with a spiritual and social thrust and great zeal, was convinced that all human beings are children of God with a right to live in dignity.Imbued by her spirit, the Carmelite Sisters of St.Teresa serve in the field of education, social and health action.

St. Joseph Public School is an off school of our sister concern 'St.Jospeh of the woods'. We are in the midst of greenery, making our Aisle an ideal retreat, away from the buzzle and noise of the city. We were the pioneers of educational institutions in the vicinity of Manalimukku, always maintaining excellent standard. Our students are secure within our keep as the allurements or pollution of the city does not affect them.

St. Joseph Public School offers a unique spectrum of Curricular, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities with major focus on 'Total Personality Development'. Our skilled and experienced teachers not only unlock the knowledge that lies within books, but also impart to students the qualities and moral values that make one an honest, responsible and dignified personality.

The school is affiliated to CBSE from the year 2012; we have received the NOC from state government ( NOC Number NS(2)25982/12/DPI ) from the date 14 / 06 / 12. Affiliation number – 930930.